3 Best Hotels to Stay When in Barcelona

Barcelona is arguably one of the best places to visit in Spain. Apart from the stunning architecture, Barcelona has an incredible history seeping out from every corner. Thousands of tourists visit this city each year to explore its beauty. Besides, the city has plenty of luxurious hotels and restaurants that offer world-class accommodation. Therefore, if you are planning to visit the city on vacation, it is always a good idea to book for the best 5-star hotels with positive reviews in advance. As such, here are the top 3 best hotels to stay when in Barcelona.

W Barcelona

W Barcelona hotel is a 5star hotel which was designed by Ricardo Bofill, a world-renowned architect. Located alongside the famous Barceloneta boardwalks, the hotel offers nothing but pure luxury. Hotel w is just a few miles from the city of Barcelona. Therefore, you can use the metro, bus or taxi to reach the spectacular hotel.

W Barcelona has magnificent spacious rooms and suites that meet the desires of every traveler. The rooms are beautifully decorated with an avant-garde design. On top of this, the rooms are equipped with technological devices such as TV, iPod system, climate control, just to mention a few. Besides the direct access to the sun, the hotel also offers sauna and steam baths hence extensive relaxation treatments. Last but not least, the hotel is located in a beautiful serene which provides a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Located in one of Barcelona’s tallest buildings, Hotel Arts Barcelona redefines the modern luxury within the hotel industry. The hotel is build using a cutting edge design that attracts visitors from a distance. The transparent glass, the wood as well as the sophisticated, beautiful fabrics, come together in different blends to give each room a unique and distinct character. Besides, the hotel offers you an opportunity to view the panoramic view of Barcelona city.

The spacious rooms are fitted with free Wi-Fi as well as other modern technologies such as weather controls, bathtubs, and hydro-shower cabins. Also, the hotel includes several bars and restaurants that serve world-class delicacy. The staffs are friendly and ready to assist upon request. Generally, this is one of the best hotels to consider while at Barcelona.

Hotel Omm

Hotel Omm is one of the five-star hotels in Barcelona with a reputation for excellence. Built-in 2003, the hotel has a modern design with elegant rooms and suites. Besides, it has a free installed Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and spacious and fully equipped bathrooms. The hotel also friendly and accommodative staffs who are always at your service. The reception here is just incredible.

Some of the facilities found within the hotel include a fitness center, meeting facilities, restaurants, and sauna, and an airport shuttle, among others. Also, the hotel has a swimming pool and terraces, which can be accessed exclusively by guests during the day. Therefore, this hotel is arguably among the best in the city of Barcelona.